Monday, August 01, 2005

Vacation 2005 - Day 7

A down day. Nothing going on but a trip to the top of the ski hills for some hiking. Can't wait! We took the Colorado Superchair up to the top of Peak 8. After a check of the ski run map (Thing1 was looking for the sign for the run named Psychopath to take a picture) we headed off.

Fifty yards down a trail the wife came across a elderly woman that was leaning over one of the signs. The nurse in her kicked in and she did a triage assessment just like she does every day. The woman was having shortness of breath, pain in her left arm, and tingling lips. We lay our jackets down and got her to the ground. Another family sent their kid off to the top of the lift to get help. After the lift employee arrived the wife gave her the rundown on the woman. A minute later there was oxygen on the was from the base and one of the ski patrol was on his way on his bike. Till they arrived the wife and I kept the woman calm. When the other two arrived they radioed for transportation and for an ambulance to meet them at the bottom. The wife and I assisted as necessary. Finally the truck arrived and we helped the ski patrol get the woman in the stretcher and into the back of the truck. An interesting way to start the day! Seemed strange that there was no oxygen at the top of the hill... It was interesting to see the lifts run at full speed - 1000 feet per minute. This is normal during the winter. In the summertime the lift runs at 650 feet per minute.

Hiked around, took some pictures

(got the moon over the mountain)mountains

and had lunch on the deck at Vista Haus.

Did a bit more hiking and we decided to go down. The wife and Thing2 took the life down. Thing1 and I decided to hike down. We stopped for a picture half way down.

It was great. Once we were away from the lift it got real quiet. Except for the occasional mountain biker we had the mountain to ourselves (or so it seemed). It took us about 45 minutes to get down. The thighs were not happy. Twenty minutes in the hot tub fixed that. A great day finished by a gourmet dinner of Macaroni and Cheese.

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