Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back to school - A near death experience

And off we went. Fun driving on 355, 290, and other roads here is Chicagoland. Thats where I expected problems but none occurred. Got everything into his room. This was fun as Thing1's room was the second farthest from the elevator on the top floor of the dorm. Great view but a pain to get everything to it. Computers, clothes, furniture - it's all there. Funny thing about computers - he took three. One for school work, one for gaming, and one as a 'server'. Easy to tell he's my kid.

After we got everything into his roon and all the boxes and duffles that were coming back home unpacked I took him and Thing2 to lunch. Since I had only one seat in the van I had Thing1 drive so we could all be belted in. On the way back from Subway some lady decided to try and turn left across the road in front of us while only looking right as we were coming from her left. It would have been very messy and Thing2 and I would, at the very least, be in the hospital right now. Given the size of the SUV she was driving I'd probably not be here. Thing1 did a great job getting as far away from her as possible without going into oncoming traffic which gave her enough time to stop. Our hearts skipped a few beats there.

After we got safely back to school we walked around a bit and then Thing2 and I took off. No tears like last year. Just a hug and we were on our way. Thing1 was off to put his gaming machine together before a meeting.

Great kid I got there.

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