Friday, August 26, 2005

Number 22

On August 27th, 1983 the wife (then the girlfriend) and I were married. It was hot in that little church. No AC either. Her nephew, playing he role of the ringbearer was a tad figity. He almost knocked over a candle and set the altar on fire. Doesn't sound like much of a start.

Well the party afterwards was great. I think we set the standard for weddings in our group of friends. Not one since has been quite as fun.

Hard to believe that it was 22 years ago. Where did the time go? Kids? Lets see - scouts, sports, karate, school. Thing1, now 19, is a sophmore in college. Thing2, at 14, is in 8th grade. Our second cocker spaniel, Buffy the Cockatiel Slayer, lays on the floor next to me. We're in our second home and getting ready for the second part of our life together.

Has it been perfect? No. Life never is. We learned a long time ago that some things just aren't worth arguing over. We've learned to live with each others unique traits. We learned, that sometimes, you have to walk away rather than say something stupid. We learned that "I'm sorry" can solve a lot of problems. Patience and love can go a long way.

My wife is a special person. I'm not the easiest to get along with and yet here she is. By my side the whole way. I don't deserve her but I'm glad I got her.

I love you sweetie pie

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