Monday, August 01, 2005

Vacation 2005 - Day 1

Our usual start - oh dark thirty. Actually around 4:30am. Living in a congested suburb and wanting to get a head start on traffic (we drive on vacation) we leave early. Traffic was light but fog was fairly heavy on I-88 in places. Once that broke we hit construction (the other season in Illinois is winter) which slowed us down. 30 miles of one lane road at 45mph is not fun. Still we hit Iowa City, Iowa for breakfast at McDonalds (this is a tradition for us on our drives west) about 20 minutes later than normal. Fill up the tank and we're back on the road. A quick stop for in Nebraska for gas and our next stop was Kearney, NE. The first time we stopped here 11 years ago it was a small town. Now it's over 30,000 people. Still a friendly little place in a state with a nice speed limit. After dinner we hit the pool (cold pool) to relax. Met a nice family that was moving from Detroit to Denver. They were pretty excited to be starting a new adventure in their life.

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