Monday, August 01, 2005

Vacation 2005 - Day 3

Slept in. Well for me anyways 5:30 is sleeping in. After breakfast the wife and I went for a walk. There was a farmers market going on in the square by our condo. Picked up some great fresh bread. Had a loaf of it (Asiago Basil) for lunch. Hit the pool till the thunder started up. Amazing that people will stay in a outdoor pool when there is thunder and lighting happening... The wife made some dinner and we made plans to watch a movie. A perfect relaxing day. I need more of these...

We watched "Man of the House" with Tommy Lee Jones. Way better than the critics may have lead one to believe. Lots of laugh and only the necessary amount of violence. The PG-13 rating is right on. Worth the rental or the addition to your Netflix queue.

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