Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TSA and Gloves

Something to consider now that TSA agents are getting real familiar with people in places that only doctors used to go: what kind of germs/bugs/diseases are being moved from person to person by the gloves the agents use? I think I would request new gloves be donned in my presence before any search commenced.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Some things are just too stupid to believe

Living in the once great state of Illinois I get to witness some strange things. Election day this year, well 4 days after election day, brought us the election of Pat Quinn as Governor. Quinn was Blago's Lt. Governor so when Blago was removed as Governor Quinn ascended. Since then Illinois' financial situation has gone from bad to worse. Quinn is an advocate of a (depending on the story) 33 to 67% increase in the state income tax. But that isn't what this post is about.

Around 9/11/2001 I found a blog I really liked. I won't link to it as it has turned into a far left circle jerk. For those interested the members are referred to as lizards. I still read the blog on occasion as it's turned into a source of humor.

Today I took a look and there was a post thanking the Illinois voters for rejecting the Republican candidate for Governor Bill Brady and his running mate Jason Plummer. Ok - so far it's the typical response of the looney left. The author then takes the rejection to a new level - it was because Brady/Plummer are evil creationists. (the author is incredibly anti-Christian)

Anyone with a clue (not the author of the article) that knew anything about Illinois politics (and read a map) could tell that Brady lost because the Cook County Democratic machine delivered a 2 to 1 vote advantage for Quinn in the largest county in Illinois. Quinn won the state by ~19,000 votes. In Cook County Quinn had 500,000 more votes than Brady out of 1.5 million votes cast (Quinn won 3 counties in Illinois). Remove Cook and Brady wins Illinois by over 400,000 votes.

Brady / Plummer weren't rejected because of their faith. They lost because the vote totals in the 99 counties they won were not enough to massive Democratic turnout in Cook County. Not because of their faith. The post in question was a result of anti-Christian hatred - not logic. This is sadly becoming the norm at the site I found the article at.

Such a long time

It's been a long time since I've posted an update. My three readers must be crushed. :)

There is so much silliness out there I decided to get back to it.