Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Vacation 2005 - Back to work


Another week off for me! Took a look at the cable coming in and bypassed the splitter that separates the tv and Internet lines and the cable modem sync'd up so it looks like we have a low signal. We're at the end of the trunk so it looks like more people have hooked up and I lost out. I put a lower loss splitter in and both TV and cable modem were ok. TV is still a bit fuzzy.

We went out to the kennel to pick up Buffy the Attack Cocker Spaniel. She's a little dog with a big dog heart. While we were waiting a greyhound came out and decided the wife was a big dog fan (she is) and nuzzled up to her. The owner apologized after she noticed but the dog wouldn't move.

We went outside to wait for Buffy as she has a habit of squatting when excited. And she was happy. She moaned the whole way home. She had to count noses once she was in the door. Once she was sure we were all here she rolled around on the carpet like the silly dog she is.

I guess it's over.

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