Monday, August 01, 2005

Vacation 2005 - Day 4

Slept in. Again. Getting used to this. :-)

Today was the designated shopping day. The outlet malls at Silverthorne are 20 minutes away so off we went. Like most malls the stores cater to women and fashionable men (which Thing1 and I are not) so we were a little on the bored side. Thing2 found some tops she liked the so trip was worth it.

On the way back to Breckenridge we stopped at High Country Furniture. Nice stuff made from logs. We have a few bears from there. Found a couple of chairs we liked but the shipping charges were a bit much. Off to town as Thing2 wanted to wander the shops. I dropped the girls off in town and went back to the condo to grab one of the indoor parking spaces.

Thing1 and I walked down to town later to meet up with the girls for dinner. Beef Brisket - yum. On the deck with a beautiful view of mountains (Can there be a bad view of the mountains?) As we walked back to the condo the afternoon mountain rain started up. Got indoors just as it cut loose. I wish we could get some of this rain back home...

When the rain stopped the wife and Thing2 went swimming. Well Thing2 swam. The wife spen ther time in the hot tub. Thing1 and I watched "The Professional" with Jean Reno and Natalie Portman. It's a well made movie. Portman is a bit creepy at times but the story is excellent. After the girls got back we watched "Ella Enchanted". Thing2 brought this along for family viewing. It's a cute movie that is safe for everyone.

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