Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The look

Thing1 heads back to school today. He's on the freshman welcoming commitee so he goes in a week early. Thing2 and I are driving his stuff down while he takes his car down. In preparation for this the wife took him to the bank to give him access to his money without going through us.

So they are at the bank signing forms. The clerk askes for two forms of picture ID. Thing1 only has his license plus his credit card. The wife produces her license and FOID card. The clerk stares at the card trying to figure out what it is. And when she does she gives my wife one of those nervous looks over the top of her glasses as she finishes the paper work.

The FOID card is what the great (yea right) state of Illinois uses to identify gun owners. Illinois doesn't register guns, just their owners. The wife has one in case she feels the need to buy me something.

She said the look was priceless!

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