Monday, August 01, 2005

Vacation 2005 - Day 5

Sleep. Still waking up early but at least I'm falling back asleep for a while. Watched the shuttle lift off. Always a beautiful thing to watch. Thing1 was commenting that there needs to be a replacement for the shuttle. I think that NASA should contract that development out to Burt Rutan. Time to go hiking!

Saphire Point is a easy walk. Just about anyone can do this. Beautiful views of Lake Dillion from various points of the trail. This is the four of us at Saphire Point. We've had our picture taken here every time we've been here. It's been interesting to see the change in water levels.

Did some hiking on the shore of the lake as well. Cold water...

The wife and I had dinner at a local mexican resturant while the kids went out for pizza. Great food at a excellent price. The margaritas weren't bad either...

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