Saturday, January 08, 2005

Quality Time

Thing1 and I hit the range last night. He wanted to try out my Christmas present and get whatever stress was in his system out before heading back to school on Monday. I picked up 250 rounds of 9mm at Gander Mountain beforehand and some .22 at Wal-Mart. Printed out some targets and we were set.

Signed in and setup. Thing1 put a couple of mags through the Glock and decided he'd rather shoot the .22s. I spent the next hour putting the rest of the 9mm ammo through my Glock. Tried 5 different loads in 3 different weights. The lighter weights seem to work best for me. Thing1 alternated between a Ruger MarkII, 10/22, and a old H&R 865. The 865 was my Dads. He gave it to me after I turned 21 and it'll become Thing1s when he turns 21. With any luck he'll have a kid he can pass it on too. After I finished with the Glock I put a 100 rounds through the MarkII. It was like shooting a cap gun.

An hour and half later we were done. The tension of the week was gone. Cleaned up, stowed the guns and did some browsing. The Surefire lights are starting to say 'buy me'. Just need to decide which one.

Talked about all kinds of things on the way home. School, guns, life, movies, whatever. Thing1 is a great kid. I wish I would have been as together then as he is now.

Time together is time well spent.

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