Monday, January 24, 2005

Nice people everywhere

My father-in-law was at the grocery store the other day. As he and his wife got out to the car he noticed one of the tires was flat. At 80 he's not really up to changing the tire by himself. His wife went back into the store to call the auto club as he started getting the spare out. Just then a 'young man' came up and offered his assistance. The 'young man' change the tire and put the flat back in the trunk. He even told my father-in-law the best place to get the tire fixed. My father-in-law then attempted to pay him for his time and effort. The 'young man' refused the money and told him that changing the tire was "his good deed for the day".

I wonder if this fine young man was a Boy Scout at one time? He certainly sounds like one. Whoever you are - thanks! You made a old mans day.

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