Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Go towards the light

Last time at the range Thing1 and I were looking at SureFire lights. We both have a selection of MagLights but, well, we're looking for something better. I liked the 6P, Thing1 was leaning towards the Aviator. Then there were the lights meant to be mounted on the rail on my Glock. Or maybe on one of the rifles? Buy one and soon I'll need a AR15 to attach it to!

It's strange. Flashlights are a common household item and here I am thinking about how many I can fit into my (limited) toy budget. Add the guns and knives I'd like to have as well as upgrade the computers at home. Oh well - the budget for the rest of the decade is now spent. :-(

So what appears in the mail today? A SureFire catalog. Thing1 requested it and had it sent home rather than to his school address. Will he ever see it? Ha! Well yeah he'll see it. Once I figure out which one to get first. The 6P is just about perfect but the G2 is the same performance at half the price. Maybe one of each and give the one I don't like to Thing1? He'd like that.

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