Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sydney's back!

And Wednesday will never be the same. First there is the excellent LOST and now Alias. The first episode was slow at times but, in the Alias tradition, made sense at the end.

Nice thing about Jennifer Garner: (ok - there are a lot of nice things) she is fit but not ultra thin. I can't understand why the women in Hollywood want to be stick figures. Ms Garner just looks right. She is often described as the "girl next door". Thing1 wants to know what neighborhood she lives in. :-)

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Meow said...

Lost, Alias and 24 are the coolest shows since the spy shows circa 1966!
Glad to know there's another Lost & Alias fan out there. No one I know watches either show & it kinda sux to not be able to talk about it w/anyone.