Monday, January 10, 2005


In episode 1 there was the best line I've heard on TV in a while. William Devane's character is talking to his son - "spare me your sixth grade Michael Moore logic".

Personally I would have put MMs logic level at the 1st or 2nd grade

The first two hours of Jacks bad day were excellent. The stage is set for a bloody fight to stop terrorists. And unlike some in Hollywood the terrorists are (or at least appear to be) Muslims. I can understand how the Muslim community might see this as insulting or a sterotype but... lets look at the the bad guys in the world right now. Middle East, Afghanistan, etc, the bad guys are Muslims. Am I saying that all Muslims are bad? No. Like any other faith there are those that pervert the teachings to justify their actions.

If 24 stays like this then its going to be a wild day. I can't wait!

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