Wednesday, January 12, 2005

No Prodding Necessary

My oldest sister gave the wife and I a gift subscription to Newsweek. I know she meant well and I do read it but their slant on everything is so far away from mine that I sometimes want to take it to the range with me. One of the more clueless writers is Eleanor Clift. Her piece on MSNBC.COM calls President Bush late to the game with support to the tsunami victims in South East Aisa. She then defines the military as follows: The military doesn’t like to get involved in humanitarian missions, and needed prodding. It’s no small thing to divert an aircraft carrier. Lots of mil-bloggers have responded but the best I've come across was by a former SEAL named Froggy. Smash has a good response too.

Lets see. There are two battle groups there. Thousands of Marines helping. SEAL and Special Forces teams on the ground giving aid. I'll bet not a single one of them needed prodding. America's best never do when a helping hand is needed somewhere.

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