Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Good Dogs

I'm a dog person. I truly believe that there isn't such a thing as a bad dog - just bad owners (they usually have the collars on the dog with the spikes that go into the neck). I also believe that dogs are a gift from God as there is nothing more relaxing than your dog sitting next to you on the couch just wanting to be petted. In return your pulse and blood pressure both go down. Now my sisters Doberman Gracie, well, she'll sit on your foot and lean into you till you're at her level and paying attention to her. Still - it's quite relaxing.

While listening to Kevin McCulloch on the radio today he and blogger Jordan Golson discussed a story that appeared on Jordan's blog about the war dogs of the Iraqi army. Apparently there was a shortage of food for the dogs. Short story - Hill's Pet Nutrition will be sending as much Science Diet as the puppies need. Hill's Pet Nutrition is worthy of your support. While we are an Iam's family I'll be sending them a note of thanks for this wonderful gesture.

Update: I used the comments page on the Hill's Pet Nutrition site and send them a thank you. The next day a response was in my Inbox.

Thank you for visiting HillsPet.com and taking the time to contact us to share your kind comments regarding our donations of food to the soldier's dogs. We along with other Americans are concerned with the health and well being and the efforts that these pets are putting forth to support our troops.

Nicely put.

The whole story starts here

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