Monday, January 31, 2005

A finger for Iraq

What a great idea. A little bit of ink and the ability to vote twice is taken away. I bet this idea would never fly in Chicago.

In my time on this earth I've seen alot. As far as the world goes I've been witness to some wonderful events. The Berlin Wall coming down, the crumling of the former USSR, and now an Arab nation taking the first step towards self determination.

To the people of Iraq: the journey that you have undertaken is not an easy one. America has been on a similar journey for over 225 years. There will be struggles, conflict, and even war. However, if you decide this should be, your future is up to you. You can elect a representative goverment that will participate in the affairs of the world. You can use the riches of your nation to grow an economy that benefits all of Iraq. Your time under the oppression of Saddam should be remembered but, with any luck, as something that no one aspires a return to. If all Iraqi's work together for Iraq - there is no limit to how great your country can be.

Many have sacrificed for your freedom. Please don't let them down.

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