Monday, May 23, 2005

Time to reload

Thing2 came home from Bible Study one morning with a flyer for a Peder Eide concert being held at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles Illinois, not too far from home. Thing2 wanted to go so we got tickets. I've liked his music since I received a CD as a gift from church so it was an evening for me and Thing2 to spend together.

The Arcada is an old small theater. Lots of charm - not much on comfort The wife and I saw the orginal Ghostbusters movie there in 1984. At that time there was a pipe organ played between movies. No organ this time as Peder was there to play!

Peder combines rock, pop, and ministry into a moving, uplifting experience. The words just get to your heart and soul. Life hasn't been quite the way it should be for me lately. Peder helped me get some things back in perspective. Thing2 enjoyed the show as well. She's still struggling with her faith a bit like a lot of teens do and Peder seemed to help her as much as he did me.

An evening with Peder is a evening well spent.

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