Sunday, May 15, 2005

Bedroom Renovation - Day 30

Almost done. Finished the trim work. Crown molding, baseboard, inside and outside corners - all done. Touching up paint and it looks pretty good.

Time for the closet. Ripped out the existing closet unit, carpeting, and removed the shoe rack. Took it to the garage to make some changes and stain it. Then I removed the outside wall, insulated it, put up new drywall, tape and mud. Once it was dry I primed that wall and roughed up the paneling so it would take paint. Gave the ceiling a coat of paint. Once the primer was dry I gave all the walls a coat. The closet looks pretty good too. Need to touch up a few spots.

Tomorrow new wire shelves/closet rods go up and old trim gets reused in the closet. Getting very close to the end...

And not a moment too soon. My wife says I have ADSD - Attention Deficit Slob Disorder. The mess around the house is getting to her (she is a neat freak) where I just see it as part of the project.

This is my least favorite part of any home project. The cranky wife. Just a few more days...

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