Friday, May 06, 2005

A visit to the dentist

I've been seeing the same dentist since I was 5. Except for a year when we went to one of those mall dentists to save money. That ended up costing more as insurance covered less. My dentist is getting kind of old and close to retirement. He recently joined a practice with a younger dentist but he just wasn't our kind of guy. So the wife spent time looking for a new dentist.

This guy has all the cool toys: high resolution camera for inspecting teeth, digital x-rays, computerized records, etc. Very cool. The only paper in the office was the statement I received when I left. It was interesting to see my teeth as he was looking at them and having explain what was wrong and what was right. I have one little cavity to get filled. He uses air abrasion to clean things up so it should be painless. We'll see...

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