Friday, May 27, 2005

Memorial Day

A time to cook, garden, and pay respect. We'll be doing all three this weekend. Thing1 discovered steak at college so thats on the menu for Monday. Bought my annuals today for planting. And tomorrow we'll go pay our respects. My dad (USMC 1944 - 1947) is buried in the Veterans section at a local cemetary. We'll be stopping by there and our villages Veterans Memorial to say thanks for everything.

That may sound kind of strange - thanking the dead. It's really not. Americans have become complacent and forgotten the sacrifice of previous generations. I for one will never forget and I'm doing my best to ensure that my kids will never either.

Blackfive has a moving message that all should read. He also has some ways to help out the troops. Excellent work B5!

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