Monday, March 28, 2005

Mini Movie Reviews

With Thing1 home for Spring Break we've been watching family movies. Well at at least they're not action movies.

Shark Tale

I remembers all the uproar over this. Sharks portrayed as mobsters and 'Italian-Americans' were offended. (Get a life) It was a cute movie with some interesting lessons.


Thing1 picked this out (recall he attends a small Christian college) for our entertainment. It's about a small Baptist school and focuses on the principal, the 'in-crowd' and those who used to be 'in'. The movie pokes fun at Christianity and those who aren't what they seem. You will see people you know in this movie.

The Pacifier

I like Vin Diesel. From Riddick to Saving Private Ryan to The Pacifier I've enjoyed all of his movies. This one was perfect for the whole family. There are some plot flaws and slow parts in the movie we all enjoyed this one. For an action star to change roles like this and pull it off - well he did a good job.

Sin City (and maybe Gunner Palace) this weekend!

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