Monday, March 28, 2005

A Bad Way to Start a Day

Ahh - Saturday. The one day during the week I get to sleep past 5:00 am. Made breakfast for the wife and Thing1 and myself. It was a nice quiet day. Then the mail came...

Junk mail, a magazine and the wifes charge card bill. The usual stuff was on there. But somehow the total was ~9000.00. Someone had snagged her credit card number and went shopping. 5 purchases totalling ~8,800.00. The wife, quite possibly a professional worrier, was worked up real quick. I called our credit card company and after a minute was talking to the Fraud Department.

Cards were cancelled and we cut them up. New cards on the way. We're not liable for the disputed charges. The person on the other end talked us through everything and was very comforting for the wife. I think she even stopped worrying. For a minute.

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