Monday, March 28, 2005

Range Time

Thing1 wanted to go shooting. So off to the range we went. He didn't want to shoot the Glock 17 so he concentrated on the .22s. After I warmed up with my Ruger MarkII I put 200 rounds through the Glock. 850 so far without a failure. Spent some time trying head shots at 25 yards on 3/4 size targets. 4 out of 15. 4 more in the white area of the target and the rest were in the upper chest area. Not too bad but I need to try some different ammo as the lower priced 115gr ball doesn't seem to be very consistent.

Afterwards we went drooling browsing. Thing1 ended up with a Surefire G2 Nitrolen. Decent lite for the price. Still havn't decided on which one I want for myself. Starting to lean towards one of the LED lights. I'm just not sure which one.

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