Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Vacation - Day 9 - July 15th - Hotel NYC

Now we had to find our car and head uptown. Did I mention that traffic in Manhattan sucks? Road work at 5:00pm on a Saturday closing 2 lanes for 30 yards? This place has to be a complete disaster on week days. Found the hotel and parked. Three days of parking here will be almost $100.00. Ended up having to use a porter from the hotel. What a rip. Checked in - twice as much as I'm used to paying for a room. I'm sure there are cheaper places but not where we wanted to be. It was entertaining playing dodge-em with taxis ... and surviving!

Had dinner at Ray's Pizza. Very good pie. Good sauce and plenty of garlic. Then we walked around Times Square.

Big and Rich have it right - freak parade. What a strange and wonderful place.

All kinds of people

I must have heard 15 different languages. Lots of NYPD around as well. They have a small station right in the square.

There is also a military recruiting station in the square.

If you're ever in NYC wander Times Square at night. Just dont wander to far off the square.

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