Sunday, July 16, 2006

Vacation - Day 2 - July 8th

Since we didn't have far to go to our destination we decided to detour and go to Punxantawney (you know - where the groundhog hangs out). The wife's grandmother used to live here. We had last visited here when Thing1 was 8 months old - almost 20 years ago. The town had changed alot. The groundhogs had invaded.

Rural PA is alot like other rural parts of the country that we've visited. God, family, and country are in the minds of the people who live here. Judging from the various bumper stickers and t-shirts that were on the locals I'd have to guess that they lean to the political right. They even had the Pledge of Allegiance posted on a store window.

Over by the groundhog musuem there is a interesting memorial. Dedicated to those who served in World War II.

We wandered around a bit and headed farther south to Smicksburg. Heart of Amish country. Gotta watch out for the buggies on the back roads.

Speaking of back roads - one of the more interesting things about the roads in Pennylsvania is the lack of signs. A road will appear and there is no sign telling you what that road might be. There is a general lack of speed limit signs as well. On the plus side the back roads are filled with curves and hills. If you have a car that handles well or a cycle you can have a lot of fun! Unless you're searching for a vineyard to pick up some wine as a gift for someone and have to get way off the beaten path and cruise up a few miles of gravel road... That isn't fun.

After Smicksburg we headed off to the resort.Three hours later we rolled in and checked in. We ended up with 2 one bedroom ajoining units rather than a single 2 bedroom unit. The kids got the smaller of the two units. Very nice.

The wife and I went and got some groceries and came back and we relaxed.

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