Thursday, July 20, 2006

Vacation - Day 11 - July 17th - Youngstown, Ohio

Took off from NYC about 9:30am. Pain getting out of the hotel as the elevator was jammed every time we needed it. The parking garage got the van pretty quickly. Once we were loaded we were out of the city in ~10 minutes. Cruised through New Jersey and Pennyslvania. Stopped in Youngstown for dinner at the Waffle House and found some cheap (for today) gas.

According to some locals this area always has the cheapest gas in the country.

Stopped at a Country Inn for the night. Nice place. The wife had something interesting happen.

First some background. The wife attended high school and college in Arizona. One of the people she knew from there lives in East Stroudsburg, PA which wasn't far from the resort we were staying in. She tried calling the number listed for his parents and got his mom. He wasn't home (on vacation with his family) so she left a message. Well at the hotel in Youngstown she saw someone she thought she recognized. Turns out if was her friend and his family. However the friends wife wouldn't let them talk. Bummer for both of them.

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