Sunday, July 16, 2006

Vacation - Day 7 - July 13th

Woke up to rain. Heavy rain. At 1:30am. Closed the windows and went back to sleep. When we got up the rain was over so Thing1 and I headed to the driving range while the girls went to a free movie. The buckets were on the small side so I'm glad they were 2 for 1. Borrowed some old clubs and had some fun. Headed off for some bowling. Didn't do too bad with a 153. Then some pool. We both managed to scratch a few times while attempting to sink the eight ball. Oh well. Happy hour and a half is coming soon!

Margarita's. Yummmm. Half price made them taste even better. The kids went off bowling and Thing2 beat Thing1. Thing1 hates losing ... to Thing2.

After swimming we noticed that some folks were using laptops in the pit bar. Hmmm - wireless? Asked at the desk at it was free! Probably a good thing we didn't know as Thing1 would have been hanging out there. After swimming Thing1 and I grabbed our laptops and checked mail. I only had ~3000 messages in my inbox at work. After a few minutes about 60 of them were actually useful.

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