Thursday, July 20, 2006


One of the nice things about traveling by car (outside of seeing things off the beaten path that others just fly over) is catching up on my reading. Nothing work related at all. Started off with Warlord by Ilario Pantano. Excellent story. I didn't really follow the story when it broke but the writing was well done and gripping. Read this book.

The second book was We Were Soldiers. And Young Once. by Lt. General Hal Moore and Joe Galloway. While I thought the movie was excellent the book, admittily slow at times, continued the story after the movie ends. The batallion that relieved the 1st of the 7th had their own problems on to the way to their extraction. Interestingly enough the Big and Rich song "8th of November" which is about a battle the 173rd Airborne endurred happened just before the battles described in We Were Soldiers. Three battles with heavy losses in the first 3 weeks of November 1965.

Next up was The Devils Banker by Christopher Reich. The story started out like a good thriller but the ending just blew.

Finally I read Day of Reckoning by John Katzenbach. Another good story ruined by firearm related errors. If you ignore those it's a decent read.

The last 3 were from the paperback exchange at our local library. Free is good!

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