Saturday, September 04, 2004

Saturday - What a day

Actually it was quiet around here. Working on the bathroom removing ceramic wall tile (and the drywall beneath it) so that we can paint. The rest of the world wasn't quite so peaceful...

Former President Clinton needs a quadruple bypass. While I hope he has a speedy recovery I can't help but think of the old SNL skits with him out jogging and hitting a McDonalds to discuss politics.

BESLAN, Russia
300+ dead. Over half are kids that will never get the chance to grow up and live life as they should have. Is there any doubt that the only good terrorist is a dead one?

Hurricane Frances
I've been through severe storms. In just about every state I've been in. (a vacation tradition) Around here they are usually over in a couple of hours. Sometimes a bad storm will give us a couple inches of rain in a day. Frances is dumping an inch a hour. I was watching Fox News this afternoon and Geraldo was leaning into the wind to stay on a beach. Having been to a number of the places being shown I was amazed at the damage. Even more amazed at the number of people out in it.

Some things are just annoying

John Kerry
Since when does pointing your voting record and publicizing your written and spoken statements fall into the attack and smear category? What a whiner!

And some are just a way to spend a little time doing next to nothing

Watched 'Ella Enchanted' with the wife and Thing2. Cute movie. So much of the humor was directed at adults.

Blue Collar TV is funniest show I've seen in a while. Scrubs is its usual excellent self. Father of the Pride was, well um, bad. Almost as much excitement as a John Kerry campaign speech. Rescue Me is getting better every week. Now if I just didn't have to wait till January for 24 and Alias

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