Sunday, September 26, 2004

What if God was one of us?

As a believer I think He is everywhere affecting our lives in ways we'll
never understand. Or maybe it'll take some time for it to sink it. If
thats the case I still trying to figure out what taking my Mom 19 years
ago this month was for?

Sometimes its just the decisions that you make. You find out that had
you not exited to get gas that you might have been in the massive car
accident that happened a few miles up the road a couple of minutes
later. Is it all part of a master plan? I think so but given all the bad
things that have happened to my family and the people I love I sometimes

While this is my life it seems very close to one of my favorite shows on
TV - Joan of Arcadia. A high school girl who talks to God. Face to face.
And He (well sometimes a she) talks back. The writing is excellent and
His lines are just perfect. Worth 40 minutes (Tivo or video and skip the
commercials) of your life once a week.

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