Friday, September 10, 2004

A different way of learning

Life is unusual. Thing1 is what some people refer to as 'gifted'. He was
identified as such in grade school and attended pullout schools and
academies throughout high school. Some was good and some not so good.
The high school academy was supposed to be science and technology. It
was some bad teachers and lots of lousy hardware. Teachers who just
shouldn't be there are guiding the best the district had to offer down
the wrong path. But Thing1 survived. I think that this experience had a
lot to do with him wanting to pursue a career in education.

Thing2 is the polar opposite. She has Aspergers Syndrome. It has been
described as a high function form of autisim. It seems similar to that
for me but I'm not sure. She has had special education assistance since
preschool. And just like Thing1 some were good and some were not so
good. Now that she is in middle school - well we were worried. After a
meeting with the school principal and the special ed staff the other
night our worries are gone. The school has its act together. They are
dedicated to ensuring that the kids under their care learn to function
in the real world.

Thing2 has really taken to the program. This should be a good two years.

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