Monday, July 09, 2007

On the road again

Thing2 has been a busy girl this summer. Two days after school let out we were in Nashville, Tennessee for a week. Spent some time with my sister and her husband as well as doing some touristy things.

A week after we got home she was off to Teen Camp with Crossroads for a week. Came home and we got to celebrate her 16th birthday and Independence Day.

Three days later she was off to Biloxi, Mississippi for a week to work on Katrina reconstruction with our church as part of the senior high mission trip. I had planned to go on along but I couldn't get the time off. She was a little nervous but went with a open heart and an open mind. I can't wait to hear her stories.

Two weeks after she gets back we're off again for a week. I almost get the feeling that she'll be happy to get back to school where she can relax.

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