Monday, July 23, 2007

More from Ignite Chicago

Some stills to go along with the videos from Ignite Chicago. Ignite is a Christian music festival held at Alexian Field in Schaumburg, Illinois. Thing2 and I went and spent the day (a beautiful day) listening to great music and talking to people.

TruEmotion - Cute girls with nice voices. Great for the young teens.

Vicky Beeching - An import from England. I predict a big future for this girl.

John Reuben - To be honest I'm not a hip-hop fan but the words are worth listening to.

Seventh Day Slumber - New to me but a pretty good band. The last song of their set was really a testimony about the power of God. Incredible.

Me and Thing2 during a break in the show

Tree 63 - Another import. This time from South Africa. Great worship band.

And several thousand of my closest friends. Taken from the first base line up by concession stands

Barlow Girl - One of my favorite bands. We have seen them lead worship at Willow Creek (awesome) but in concert they are incredible.




Rebecca St. James - To be honest I wasn't expecting much. I like listening to her but I didn't think the performance would be much to watch. I was wrong. Great performance.

David Crowder Band - I didn't realize how many of his songs I knew and loved. Next time he comes through town I think I'll take Thing2 and see the show. Wow!

Here's David Crowd(er) surfing

And performing

Finally - Casting Crowns. Great performance. Awesome way to end the night.

What a great day! If you're into Christian music this is a festival for you. I hope it becomes an annual event.

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