Tuesday, July 17, 2007

All Of The Above!

    German’s survival is a story of numbers:

    Burned over 97 percent of his body.

    Nearly 17 months in the hospital.

    More than 40 surgeries, and counting.

    Practically everyone who has met the Marine describes him with one word: Miracle.

    Sitting in the therapy gym, sucking on a “fentanyl pop” — a plastic stick tipped with a morphine-like painkiller — he pulls a T-shirt of his own design from his gym bag.

    On the front, it says: “Got 3 percent chance of surviving; What ya gonna do?” The back lists four options: “a. Fight Through. b. Stay Strong. c. Overcome Because I Am A Warrior. d. All Of The Above!” The last one is circled.

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