Saturday, October 14, 2006


I'm on the way home yesterday from work. My cell phone rings - caller ID identies the number as home. Ok - the wife wants me to pick something up. I answer and the voice on the other end is a lot deeper than I expected.

"Hi Dad!"

Ok - Thing1 is home. This should be interesting. Why is he home? He was supposed to be a mall rat today with some friends from school.

"We went to Woodfield and decided to stop by"

Please note - Woodfield is 10 minutes from our house. It's 90 from his school.

So I get home and meet his roommate and a friend they brought along. Nice kids - even mine. Took them out for pizza before they headed back. All three of them liked to talk about life at school. It was very entertaining.

Today - they are off to Wrigleyville for dinner with his friends parents. They are taking the train from Midway up to the station by Wrigley field and then walking to her parents house.

We were joking that they should go to Rockford on Sunday and hang out with his roommates parents. Then all three could have met the families. I don't think they are going to but it would be a interesting train ride.

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