Sunday, October 15, 2006

Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye, My Old Friend

Thing2 and I headed off to Life Changers International Church last night. Not for service but to rock! Mercy Me was touring and had Audio Adrenaline (on their farewell tour) along with newcomer Phil Wickham.

Getting there was half the fun. The venue isn't far from home - maybe 10 minutes. Once we were there parking was interesting. One lane to get into the lot and no one directing traffic by the entrance. Once parked we got in line. 45 minutes before the show and the doors were still not open. Very disorganized. We ran into our senior pastor and another family from church in line and decided to sit with them.

Once in and seated (general admission) Thing2 and I headed for the the t-shirt tables. She wanted a Audio-A shirt so I got her one. As we worked our way back to the seats the lights went out. We got to step on some toes...

Phil Wickham led off the night

Phil is pretty good. I think he has a great future.

I scanned the crowd looking for anyone else I might know and it varied. Lots of folks older than me and a large amout of teens (like thing2). I think some of the older folks are not going to like AudioA...

Audio Adrenaline. Wow. The first time I get to see them live is on their farewell tour. Powerful words and great music.

Good old loud rock and roll with meaning. Thing1 would like these guys. Some of the older folks stayed seated while the rest of us jumped, clapped, and sang.

Mercy Me. More of a ballad style. Much different than Phil Wickham or Audio A. Much of the crowd sat down as the music, while enjoyable, was slower. Bart Millard is an incredible speaker. His spoken word between songs was as awesome as the best sermons I've ever heard.

And what is a concert without confetti?

If AudioA is coming to a town near you - go. It's your last chance.

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