Sunday, October 08, 2006

It started so innocently

I had just picked up Thing2 from the homecoming parade. The activities choir had a float in it and she had walked and sang along the parade route. After we dropped off another choir member she quietly said those words I had been dreading to hear:

    "I've been asked to homecoming"

I remain calm. I'm not ready for this. She's only 15. So I ask her who's the soon to be deceased boy? :-)

She smiles and says J.

Whew. She's known him for a couple of years and they have some of the same issues. He's a pretty good kid with nice parents. And then it hits me - what did you answer with?


Time for a new gun.

The wife was less than thrilled as Thing2 didn't have anything to wear. So they had to go shopping on Friday.

Ahh - Friday. High School Football. Thing2 likes the game and the activiites choir sings the national anthem before home games.

We lost. It's a rebuilding year with a new coach and a new philosophy. The mistakes are getting fewer and fewer. Next year will be a better year.

Saturday is dance day. We spend the afternoon with my father-in-law celebrating #82. He's just recoving from gallbladder removal so we only spent a few hours. On the way home I asked if anyone minded if I stopped and bought a new gun. Thing1 was all for it. The women said no.

J showed up right on time. Even had a corsage.

They looked pretty good together.

Thing1 and I picked them up afterwards. Both said they had a good time. And I survived.

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