Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Politics in College

I was just talking with Thing1 after his Politics class. The discussion tonight was on special interest groups. The professor (a self described "uber liberal" who things Barack Obama walks on water) was asking it anyone or their parents belonged to one of the groups that was being discussed. National Assocation of Social Workers - check. Some teachers union - check. Any others?

Thing1 speaks up: "My dad is a member of the NRA". The prof takes a half step back. "Are you a member?" Thing1: "Not yet but I will be" (yeah I know - he should be. I'll have to fix that soon). The prof starts into treating American Rifleman like Playboy. Thing1 is too busy laughing at him to go on.

Turns out Thing1 was waiting for him to start the whole "guns are evil and kill people" arguement as he was ready for him.

Maybe next time...

I love that boy!

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