Monday, May 01, 2006

United 93

Thing1 went and saw this movie on Friday and came away impressed. And affected.

I went on Saturday night with my sister-in-laws husband (the wives were at the Tim and Faith concert). United 93 is an incredibly powerful movie. It starts with the terrorists and thier morning prayer and you can't look away. The theatre got real quiet as soon as the movie started and, except for the occasional sniff to hold back tears, it was quiet for the entire movie.

Tears came to my eyes more than once. My stomach was tied up in knots at times. My body was full of nervous energy. I felt shaken when the movie was over. I don't recall a movie ever doing that to me. Ever.

Some say it's too soon. I think it took too long. A lot of people have forgotten the terror attacks of that day. Some by choice, others due to the media forgetting about it.

Something that stood out in the movie - the lack of communication between the FAA and the Military. Too many layers. Hopefully that has been corrected.

Four stars. Go see it.

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