Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lisa Dent

Lisa is a radio personality on a local country music station, US99. The wife is a huge fan of both Lisa and country (and still we get along...) and listens when she can. On Monday she was trying to listen and the NASCAR race from Talladega came on instead. Lisa was only available online. The wife, my lovely non-technical person, grabbed my laptop and listened to the show.

Lisa kept asking for people to call and talk about the Tim and Faith show as the lines were open. The wife tried her best and managed to always get a busy signal. So she called the main number and was put into Lisa's voice mail. The wife, not expecting a return call, left a message about the show and the tickets (seventh row center) she had just gotten for Trace Adkins at the Kane County Fair.

So today around 4:40 the phone rings at home. The caller asks for the wife and I explain that she's not home. The caller asks that I let her know that Lisa Dent called and she'll call back. Knowing that my wife would not want to miss this call I asked Lisa to call her on her cell after she got off work in ~ 20 minutes. She said she'd try.

Forty five minutes later the wife came in all happy. She and Lisa talked for awhile on her way home. Made her day.

Thanks Lisa!

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