Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day Ceremony - Streamwood Il

This is a annual event in the quiet little town of Streamwood. An active community that knows what veterans have bring to the town as well as understanding the sacrifice of those who didn't come home.

Thing1 and I went over to the ceremony today. Like all other events the mayor gets to say a few words.

Billie Roth has been mayor for as long as I can remember. She does a nice job running the village. Budgets in the black, streets are maintained, and crime is low. Her words were eloquent and fitting.

Next up was Colonel Craig Essick, USAR. His unit was the one sent into Abu Ghirab to clean things up after the scandal broke. The Colonel is also a member of the Streamwood Police Department.

Col. Essick's words were what one would expect from someone who has been there and done that.

All of the services were represented in a wonder flag raising service.

The 173rd Airborne Brigade performed the Table Ceremony. A moving remembrance of those listed as MIA.

There was a fairly large crowd present.

If you're ever in Streamwood please stop by the Veterans Memorial. Located by the Village Hall on Route 19, it is a very nicely done tribute to those who have served.

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