Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thoughts on 24 this week

Heller lives! No real shock there. Most every one at Blogs4Bauer saw that one coming. Audry seems happy that Daddies alive but that look on her face has me back to not trusting her.

As for the whole plane incident, well outside of the plane needed 5000 feet to land and managing to do so in under 4000 - thats pretty good flying, there was something that seemed strange to me so I went back and watched it again. When Admiral Viper is telling President Weasel that they need to shoot down the plane before it gets over a populated area. And then the F18 gets into missle launch range and the JBA flight heads for the deck there are city lights out the cockpit window.

Not what I would call a deserted area...

And of course the dangerous criminal escapes...

CTU security sucks.

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