Friday, November 25, 2005


There was a couple of things in the ad I wanted so I decided to head up there around 7:00 am. Buffy had been nice enough to wake me at 5:00 so I was awake. Lots of cars in the parking lot but the store was easy to navigate. Picked up the two items, looked at the 3.44 DVDs (lots of interesting movies but Full Frame - yuck), and checked out. The cashier said that when they opened at 5:00am they were very busy. at 7:30 I walked up to a empty register.

There were also some items I wanted at Best Buy. Hah! Thing1 and I went there on the day after Thanksgiving a couple years back. Way too many people and not enough registers. Left without buying anything. This year I checked and the items I wanted were there for the same price and one had free shipping! So for $1.35 more than I would have spend at the store I get my stuff delivered. Way worth it.

Shop safely. Use your computer.

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