Thursday, June 16, 2005

Jury Duty - The End

Jury duty ended last night at 7:00 pm. Got home at 9:00 pm. Long day. Sat for 1.5 hours waiting for court to start just to hear one witness and closing arguments. Finally went to deliberation around 5:00 - just in time for dinner. After lots of arguing we reached a verdict, gave it to the court and got to leave.

Being on a jury is educational. I learned way more about police procedure and the equipment used that I really wanted to. Except fot the huge delays in jury selection and the 1.5 hour delay every day to start the process is interesting and worth being a part of.

And I got to read another book that had been sitting around, Remote Control by Stephen White. Decent read. The ending is iffy but some of the technology presented is cool.

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