Thursday, June 16, 2005

30 Days

From the man who gave us Super Size Me; Morgan Spurlock. For those unfamiliar with SSM he spent 30 days eating nothing but McDonalds. The results cut back my trips to McD's from rarely to next to never.

30 Days will look at a person or persons doing something different. In the first episode Morgan and his fiancee (good to see progress - in SSM she was just his girlfriend) Alex go to Colombus, Ohio and live on minimum wage for 30 days. No credit cards or savings to lean on. Just his license and ACLU membership card. (Yes - Morgan is a card carrying liberal)

It was an educational show. While I agree that minimum wage is not a living wage I don't think it was ever intended as something that a family could be raised on. I had always thought it was the entry level wage for an unskilled worker. If people choose to start a family while making minimum wage - well thats where personal responsibility kicks in.

Enough of a minor rant - great show. Watch it. Rent Super Size Me if you havn't.

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