Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote Early, Vote Often

As I do every election I headed off to vote at 6:00 am. As I entered the school some Union looking thug tried to hand me a Dart for Sheriff pamphlet. I just smiled and said no thanks. Gave the election judges my name and my registration was marked "Absentee/Early Voter". I asked them to check the list of early voters to verify and it was Thing1 who voted early - the judge marked the wrong registration. After a bit of discussion the judges filled out some form and I got my ballot. No chads this year - one either voted electronically or with a ballot that you basically had to connect the dots.

It had the canidate then a filled in box, 1/2 inch of white space and then another filled box in a horizontal row. To vote for a particular canidate you had to connect the boxes. Very strange. Anyways it was easy - all Republican all the time.

Get out and Vote!

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