Thursday, November 09, 2006

Illinois Politicians

The D's took a lot of races here in the once great state of Illinois. Lets start at the top...

Blagovich. Under 2 investigations for corruption be he gets relected. I blame the Illinois Republican Party for ever thinking Topinka could win.

Ginan - whatever his name is as Treasurer. The 'financial expert's' family bank is under investigation for ties to organized crime.

Going local I am now represented by anti-gun, pro-abortion, and in at least one case - pro-illegal alien, State House and Senate members. Fiscally conservative proven leaders like Terry Parke and Billy Roth were passed over by voters for canidates hand picked by the Chicago Democratic machine.

I see higher taxes.

In closing I bring forth SaintSenator Barack Obama. For the past few months he's been spouting off on how bad the economy is. Except for his family. Obama recently purchased a 1.65 million dollar home. I wished the economy sucked like that for me! But then my job requires results.

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