Saturday, September 16, 2006

My wife is great

Phone rings. Some one asks for the wife by name (and mangles first and last names). I pass the phone commenting that people who can't pronounce our name aren't worth talking to (the phone wasn't covered).

Anyway the caller is asking my wife if she is planning on voting for Tammy Duckworth for Congress. Ms. Duckworth, for those who don't know, lost both legs when the Blackhawk she was piloting was shot down in Iraq. She was handpicked by Senator 'Dick' Durbin to run for Heny Hydes seat. No real political experience and the fact that she'll be Durbin's prop just bothers me. The fact that she is anti-gun and pro-abortion doesn't help.

So the wife listens to the speel. The caller asks "Are you planning on voting for Tammy this fall?"

The wife answers "I'm not sure I'm voting but if I do it will not be for any democrat"

Yea wife!

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